Laura Zeck
“I have worked with Dustin and his crew on close to a dozen projects – from large commercial, to small residential remodels and the gamut in between. As a designer, I often have to recommend a contractor and Dustin is always first on my list – his work is excellent, his respect for the client and the job site is excellent, his ability to troubleshoot and find solutions when issues pop up is excellent, and he is easy to work with. I hesitate to say more as I want to keep him busy on my projects!!”

Colleen & Andy
“We were very pleased with Dustin’s professionalism, reliability, and expertise. We were very involved in choosing the materials for our remodel and Dustin added another layer of information for us to consider. His level of detail goes right to how things work and what it takes to make it happen. We were very green going into the kitchen remodel project, but once Dustin signed on, everything fell into place. He has acquired a dedicated network of specialists to call on as needed to keep a project moving forward.

We love the end result of our new kitchen remodel, but the best parts of the journey are the memories of getting through it with Dustin.”

Marney, Doug, Savannah, & Peyton
“We originally hired Adams Brothers Construction in the fall of 2007 to complete a remodel/build out a new bedroom/closet space for our daughter, expected in early 2008. The project went smoothly and remains a wonderful addition to our living space and a room that our daughter cherishes.

The success of this interior work prompted us to re-hire Dustin and his team in July of 2013, for a major exterior remodel of our 1927 brick home in the Sunset Hill area of Ballard. This dynamic change involved taking over 30 tons of deteriorating brick and mortar off and demolishing a multi-layer flat roof. We added siding, a new front porch, a reworked fireplace/chimney, and a pitched roof.

This all took place on a partially unstable slope zone and half of the work was 2 stories up on the west side of our home. We needed to continue to live in our home with our 5 year old child during this entire process. To say we were nervous would be an understatement. We are proud to state that Dustin and his team completed the work on time and on budget with zero errors and no worries.

Dustin remained 100% in touch with us on every step of the process from architectural drawings and permitting, subcontractor coordination, materials delivery, all the way through finishing detail punch list work and final inspections.

The team was very conscious of the impact on our neighbors and on our family. Our ‘new’ home very much looks like it has always been in our neighborhood and we have sturdy construction that will make our home exterior worry free for decades to come.

We could not be happier with the outcome of our project. Our family highly recommends Dustin and Adams Brothers Construction for those who wish to hire a reliable, trustworthy, genuine hard working construction team. You don’t always get what you pay for but we certainly did and Dustin was a big part of that.”

Malik Davis
“We are extremely pleased by the work of Adams Brothers Construction. They were patient and flexible. Dustin and his crew were thorough from the beginning of our conversations, to the close of the project. They were a pleasure to work with, and even more a delight to recommend to others.”

Wendy Rubel
“After using the two projects Dustin designed and built for us three years ago, I wish I could think of a third thing we need, but, alas, no.

The deck, stairway, and the serving table that Dustin designed and constructed, continue to function perfectly, and frankly look like new. The design of the stairs, I know was complicated, so his imaginative, educated and thoughtful approach was much appreciated. He also created a nice entry down the hill and into the garden.”